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Send an Email

If you are an existing member and your enquiry is about events and activities in your branch, you will need to contact your Representatives or Resident Missionaries.

If you are within the UK, you can:

  1. Use our Branch locator to find the nearest BCS Worship centre
  2. Send us your questions, Prayer requests and comments to our Branch within the UK by post using the main office address
  3. Leave us your comments or questions. Your feedback is important to us - we are always looking for ways to improve our relationships and impact positively on all God's Children. Use the Send-an-email form to send us your questions and comments


Main Office

Address:     Olumba House, Falmouth Road, London, SE1 6RT, UK
Phone:        +44 207 403 9048

if you are outside the UK or you looking for BCS contact information for other countries click here